Calming influences: 6 easy ways to simplify your life and cut the clutter

Life, at times, is noisy. Not just by way of sound, but also in terms of clutter. We’re bombarded with advertising everywhere we look (and listen). Packaging is so often incomparable to product (buy a child a toy and marvel at the Fort Knox like packaging that generally accompanies it). Our minds are constantly racing. Here’s a few really easy ways you can simplify your life, help the environment, and just be all-round awesome!

Unsubscribe from unwanted emails and e-newsletters

You log into your email to find there are 200 new emails. You then wade through them for 20 minutes to find that there are only 3 of any importance, the rest are from some site you bought one thing from 5 years ago, or worse still, telling you to shed the pounds, find a ‘soul mate’ in your local area or increase the size of your… Sound familiar? Instead of trashing them straight away, take the time to block them or unsubscribe from future emails (this is generally an option you can find at the bottom of the email). This will help you make more room for the important stuff, as well as find it quicker. Plus who wants to see an email that suggests you need to lose weight before they’ve even had breakfast?

Opt out of receiving phone books

With mobile phones and the internet, who really needs the yellow or white pages anymore? Especially when they’re the size of a small house, are sent out every year and cost us a hell of a lot of trees. Opt out of delivery at the following link

No junk sign on your letter box

According to Australian Catalogue Association, nearly 7 Billion catalogues, distributed primarily through household letterboxes in 2009. The best way to reduce the waste is to create less demand. Grab a “no junk mail” sign for your letter box. You can pick them up from your post office or most hardware stores. For more info check out 

Organise your cupboards and storage

So you’ve been putting off cleaning out the garage/spare room/space under the stairs for some time now but you know it needs to be done. Make some space, or better yet – some money – by selling your unwanted goods online. Gumtree operates in many countries and is a free way to sell (or give away) unwanted items. Otherwise, Freecycle is a brilliant initiative where you can join a community of people in your local area who want to help reduce landfill by making their unwanted goods available to others instead to heading straight to the tip.

Swap radio for a cd or ipod

Consider opting to listen to your iPod or a CD. You’ll get to listen to music you like. Unless your favourite station is ad free, the price you pay for listening to the newest music (over and over until you can’t stand it anymore) is a ridiculous ad to song ratio (and more often than not, a rather douchey dj).

Do not call register

If you are sick of people calling to find out if you would like to save money on your long distance phone calls at dinner time, this one’s for you. The Do Not Call Register was put in place to help reduce the amount of calls you get from telemarketers on your home phones. Take the time to register – it will get you 6 years of telemarketer-free dining bliss!

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